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Cup Trophies Huge Range

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Dominoes Trophies, Medals & Awards

The highest available online discounts of up to 50%OFF retail shop prices  on a wide range of Dominoes Trophies, Medals and Awards from the largest online supplier in the UK. Trophy Finder provides thousands of choices for your awards at prices that simply can’t be matched anywhere else and for all types of events and organisations such as:

  • Dominoes Leagues
  • Club & Pub Competitions
  • Domino Clubs
  • National Associations and Domino Bodies

Cheap Dominoes Trophies – Are they really the Cheapest Online?

Yes they are! We source our products worldwide and buy in bulk quantities to get the best factory prices in order that we can pass the savings on to you by missing out the middle man. From our large warehouse, production and showroom located in Cardiff, South Wales, we can despatch quickly to ensure that you get your trophies even within the shortest of delivery times and without any added ‘middle man’ costs.

How can I Personalise my Dominoes Trophies?

Choose from 1000’s of dominoes trophies, medals with ribbons, solid silver & silver plated cups, plaques, shields, glass awards, salvers, bowls, resin figures and perpetual awards, all of which can be personalised with engraving and personalised centre inserts which can depict your own logo, crest or organisation/event details. We cover all eventualities for all types of domino variant formats including Block and Scoring, ‘5 & 3’s’ and all forms of competition structure such as singles, doubles, cup, league, KO etc.

The Trophy Finder Reputation & Guarantees

Trophy Finder has been supplying pub game organisations for many years and our reputation as the No.1 provider of quality domino trophies, medals and awards has been earned thanks to several factors:

  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Superb Quality
  • Incredible Choice
  • Fantastic Service

We hope that you follow the lead of the 1000’s of Trophy Finder customers who play competitive pub and club games and who make us their preferred supplier of choice.

Need more Immediate Information?

Contact our Sales Team on 02920 814824 for expert help and advice on all things related to our range of dominoes trophies, medals and awards, including club logo/crests, engraving, clearance lines and delivery deadlines. If you prefer to send an email – then feel free!

Alternatively, start making your selections and putting them in the cart to either place your order, or request a no-obligation emailed quotation based on your choices.

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