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Glass Trophies - Up to 35% OFF RRP!

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Glass Tankards

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€4.50 to €41.70

Gift Boxed Glass Drink Sets

37 Items
€4.50 to €232.85

Desktop Gifts

15 Items
€5.08 to €228.96

High Quality Optical Crystal Awards

161 Items
€9.27 to €300.00

Glass Cup and Bowl Awards

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€10.00 to €2920.00

Glass Trophy & Glass Awards

The largest and highest discounted range of quality engraved and etched Glass Trophies, Glass Awards and Glass Gifts in the UK & Ireland with prices subjected up to an unprecedented 35%OFF retail shop prices depending on quantity. Trophy Finder is the leading online provider of all types of crystal and other forms of glass trophy engraving/personalisation requirements which cover a wide area of performance reward, incentivisation and commemoration throughout all sectors such as:

  • Business/Corporate Awards Presentations
  • Charity
  • Education (academies, schools, colleges, universities)
  • Employee/Staff Awards (Sales awards, accreditation, incentive, performance, development etc.)
  • Health Sector
  • Local Government
  • Sport & Leisure Trophies and Awards (Clubs, leagues, associations, national bodies etc.)
  • The Arts & Entertainment

How can you give such Large Discounts off your Personalised Glass Trophy, Awards and Gifts?

That’s down to our unique business model for trophies and awards generally. We partner with companies from all over the world to secure the leanest prices straight from the factory which are based on bulk quantity orders shipped direct to our Cardiff, South Wales warehouse, production and despatch hub. The result is that both our etched/engraved glass trophy and glass awards ranges miss out the middle man to be engraved, etched, shot-blasted or printed with your company or club logo/design on our premises and despatched direct to you as the customer.

Did you know There are Various Degrees of Glass Quality?

Well you do now! Cut crystal quality has been generally regarded as the most popular historical choice for glass trophy and awards due its renowned reputation as a workable material and for its legislated maximum lead oxide requirement of 24% which makes it more malleable while subjected to heat.

Typical crystal offerings include:

Clear Optical Personalised Glass Trophies & Awards

A great addition to the portfolio of Trophy Finder as it provides a high quality optically clear blemish and colour-free material composed of homogeneous elements which can be used to form elaborate shapes, themes, designs which lend themselves neatly into the world of recognition awards.

Typical clear optical glass offerings include:

Jade Glass Range of Recognition Awards

The introduction of Jade glass into the world of trophies and corporate awards has been a game changer as being a by-product material, it has meant that not only can it be used for ornate shaping – it has a base material price and manufacturing cost that brings it well into the range of buyers who otherwise would could not justify the budget.

Typical jade glass offerings include:

Why Does Glass have an Enduring Appeal?

Because it has long been associated with quality ever since the days of Waterford Crystal starting as an important brand name but new types of materials, modern technology and an ever-expanding desire for something new, has pushed both the design imagination and the market need to cater for both high quality and budget driven alternatives. The use of glass is universally accepted as fitting and appropriate means of rewarding, incentivising, commemorating, accrediting or appreciating in all walks of life. Plush satin-lined presentation boxes are also available for a selection of our range.

Personalising your Glass Trophy & Awards

The personalisation of awards is the most important bit as it conveys the sentiment and /or corporate logo/image and prolongs the memory of how important the event is to both award giver and the recipient. Trophy Finder provides a full finishing service department to fully personalise all its glass trophies and awards using shot-blasting, engraving, etching or print depending on what is most suitable.

Need more Immediate Information?

Contact our Sales Team on 02920 814824 for expert help and advice on all things related to our range of trophies, medals and awards, including club logo/crests, engraving, clearance lines and delivery deadlines. If you prefer to send an email – then feel free by going to our Contact Us page!

Alternatively, start making your selections and putting them in the cart to either place your order, or request a no-obligation emailed quotation based on your choices.

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