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Glass Trophies, Awards and Plaques Custom Engraved

Choose from a wide selection of glass trophies, plaques, and presentation cups. We can engrave them with custom logos and personalised text. We have high-quality glass awards and the biggest and most affordable trophy selection in the UK. Prices are up to 40% off online and in-store prices.

Trophy Finder is the top glass awards supplier. They offer engraved glass trophies and custom designs for any event or award ceremony. We provide products to various organizations, industries, and sports associations for success, performance, rewards, incentives, and commemorations in different sectors. These include:

  • Business, Charities, Education and Corporate Presentations
  • Employee Awards (Sales, incentive, performance etc.)
  • Staff Awards (accreditation, performance, development,m service awards etc.)
  • Sporting Awards

Glass Trophies and Awards at Cheap Prices With Big Discounts

Buy glass trophies and awards at cheap prices and with the biggest discounts anywhere online! Our claim relies on our special business model, which involves selling directly to customers at lower prices. Our unique business model forms the basis of our claim.

We sell directly to customers at lower prices. We are a combination of a trophy maker, importer, and distributor. This allows us to avoid extra costs from wholesalers and middlemen. All the savings we make passed back to our customers in the form of big price reductions and discounts.

We can provide blank glass plaques and trophies without engraving to trophy shops and online sellers at trade prices. Just add your request to the shopping cart without engraving for a trade quote.

Cut Crystal Glass Awards and Engraved Glassware

Engraved glass awards are popular historical choices for glass awards and gifts. Quality glass makes them and they come in various designs. It is well-known for being a useful material.

It has a legal limit of 24% lead oxide. This makes it easier to shape when heated. It also gives it a good finish and quality appearance.

Available in plain or paneled designs for engraving or fully cut finishes in a selection of designs. Crystal drink glasses in gift boxes with options for single, double, or 4-piece sets, all with satin lining.

The following crystal awards are available

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