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School Badges, Council, Prefect Captain Head Girl and More

Buy school badges online at up to 33% off. Our badge designs include school council, prefect, captain, head boy and girl, and more. A great collection of gold plated pin badges in shield shape with coloured enamel. Comes in blue, red, yellow, and green.

They come with an epoxy resin protective covering and a child-safe safety butterfly clutch pin fixing attached. We supply enamel school badges in all house colours with pupil safety pin fixing.

We have lots of items in stock and provide good service. Schools and educational customers in the UK trust us as their supplier of badges, trophies, and medals. You can order online using a purchase order as confirmation and of your payment process.

School badges identify responsible students who help run schools smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Below is rundown of school badge range and the roles of the pupils who wear them

Prefect Badges in Red, Blue Green Yellow

School Prefect badges available in red, green, blue and yellow enamel. The school prefect enforces rules, creates a safe environment, and sets a good example for all students.

School Council Badges

School council badges are available in red, yellow, blue and green enamel finishes. School council students are crucial for sharing opinions and assisting in decisions that impact all aspects of school life.

Head Boy and Head Girl Badges

Head boy and girl badges are available in blue, green, yellow and red finishes. Head boys and girls are student leaders in schools, representing all students and being role models to al pupils.

Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl Badges

Deputy head boy and head girl badges are available in green, red, yellow and blue coloured finishes. Deputy Boys and Girls are also role model pupils who deputise to head boys and girls in their absence.

School Captain Badges

School Captain badges come in red, green, yellow and red coloured finishes. School Captains lead, represent students on council, lead assemblies, and represent the school at events.

Form Captain Badges

Form captain badges in red, green, yellow or blue badges. A form captains role is to lead their form by example. This includes representing view of pupils to the school council.

School, Vice and House Captain Badges

We supply house, vice and house Captain Badges in the usual red, green, blue, and green coloured finishes. The school captain helps organize house activities and represents students at school functions and events.

Cheap School Badges with Big Discounts

We supply cheap school badges with the biggest discounts online. Trophy Finder strives to reduce prices and uphold its reputation as the lowest-priced school badge supplier in the industry. Our price-cutting business model ensures that we maintain the best prices and discounts across our entire product range.

We import and make lapel pins and badges. This lets us sell them directly to many schools and education customers at lower prices.

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Buying with a purchase order is easy without making any online payment. Submit your order online and email an official school purchase order upon receiving our email order confirmation.

You can speak to our customer services for more information to confirm that this your and your intended payment option. We cannot process orders without a subsequent emailed Purchase Order. (Please see our trading terms and conditions).

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