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A Huge Range of Medals for School and Classroom Achievement

Get your school's name out there by shopping at . Our awesome deal allows you to save up to 50% off other online retailers' prices on educational prize items such as medals recognising achievement based on different criteria like academics (grades) , sportsmanship, attendance etc., special honour/recognition plaques featuring art work submitted by students themselves along with the award itself while also giving them.

At our company, we design and sell awards that are specific to a pupil’s academic achievement. We offer all types of titles for different subjects such as citizenship or task-oriented development. For example:

  • Star Pupil Awards, Educational Trophies
  • Medals With School Colour Ribbons, Medals With School Logo
  • Pupil Achievement Awards, Trophies for Schools Covering all qualities and budgets

We supply all forms of Education

  • Academies, Junior/Secondary Schools, Nurseries, Primary and Infant

Cheap Prices and Big Discounts on all our School Awards

We offer affordable prices for educational trophies and medals in the UK. As a trophy manufacturer, importer, and nationwide distributor we can reduce costs across our entire range to provide customers with discounts on their purchases. All the cost saving that we make are calculated back into big price reductions so everyone wins!.

Awards for All Areas of School Pupil Performance and Recognition

Our company specialises in school performance and recognition. In addition to our specific student designs, we also have 2000 generic awards that can fit into a custom insert centre of your choice for 50 different schools themes and all sports activities. The list below shows the kinds of trophies available from us along with their standard size inserts. Detailed below are the school designs we offer:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • All Sports and School Activities
  • Achievement, Academic, Anti-Bullying and Attendance, Citizenship, Class Buddy, Creativity
  • Dance ,Drama, Eco, Hard Work, Head Teachers Award
  • ICT, Good Behaviour, Language, Literacy, Maths and Music, Numeracy
  • School Logo or Custom Design
  • Sports Day, Spelling, Science, Special Award, Star Pupil Awards,Reading, Religion, Target Achieved,
  • Teachers Award, Team Award, Writing, Worker of the Week or Month, Well Done, Winner and Runner Up

Huge Ranges of Plaques, Cups, Wood Shields, Glass Awards and More

Our extensive range of trophies, medals, trophy cups. plaques salvers and glass awards are available to suit different budgets or preferences. We have over 4000 products with personalised engravings that include your school logo or standard stock inserts applied onto the award's surface: Below are links to some of our popular ranges.

Personalised, Engraving and Custom School Logo Designs

We offer a full engraving service that will allow anyone who buys an award from us to make it their own by adding customisations like names, dates of events etc using glass/laser/etching techniques. We are able to add school name(s) or event details).

Free engraving and Free delivery we can much further than other suppliers gratis offers by discounting your order by up to 50% OFF their prices. All we ask is you compare our shopping cart prices where our discounts are applied.

Medal Ribbons to Match Your School Colours

With over 30 school medal ribbon colours available, you are able to colour coordinate your award ribbons with your logo and identity colours. Detailed below is the list of stock colour options:.

Uni Colour Medal Ribbons

Royal Blue,Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow, Sky Blue, Navy, Burgundy, Purple

Two Colour Medal Ribbons

Green & Red, Red & White, Red & Green, Red & Yellow, Black & Red, Black & White, Black & Orange, Blue & Red, Blue & White, Blue & Yellow, Green & White, Green & Yellow, .

Three Colours

Red Blue White (UK Colours), Green Red White (Welsh Colours), Orange White Green (Ireland Colours), Rainbow Multi Colour.

Buy Online Using School Purchase Orders.

Buy online using a school purchase order as payment method, simply submit your order online in the normal way and select the purchase order option in the checkout process. Wait for our customer service team to review your order details before we email you our order acknowledgement. Then all we require from you is an emailed purchase order to confirm your payment method.

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