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Dance Trophies Medals and Awards the Biggest Range Online

We offer the biggest range of Dance trophies and medals online with extensive ranges of trophy cups, glass, trophies plaques and other general awards. A dazzling and glittering collection of colourful awards. With a staggering up to 50% OFF trophy shop and other online supplier's prices.

Trophy Finder is a specialised supplier of dancing medals and trophies and to literally 100’s of Sunday competitions, dance festivals, tournaments, Feiseanna and dancing schools throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide. Choose from extensive ranges of vibrant colours, trophy sizes in either budget, medium and high quality designs. We offer gold, silver and bronze finishes as well as metal, plastic, wood and glass awards.

Our stunning selection covers awards for children, adults and male or female dancers across all disciplines and styles covering all categories and ideal for events organised under the umbrella of dancing organisations such as:

  • All England Dance, B.T.D.A, I.T.D.A, N.A.T.D, R.S.C.D.S, S.O.H.D.A.
  • UKA Dance, U.D.O., W.I.D.A, W.D.O

Cheap Dance Trophies and Medals at Discounted Prices

Cheap dance trophies medals and awards with the biggest discounts anywhere in the UK or online. This is due to our unique cost-cutting business model that reduces all costs at every corner, our buying team constantly trawls the globe in a bid to find suitable manufacturing partners to establish supply at the lowest prices.

We cut out the middle man by shipping directly to our warehouse, production and distribution centre in Cardiff, South Wales. We are a trophy manufacturer, importer and UK wide distributor that guarantees you are buying direct and getting the best trophy deals available anywhere today. All our amazing price offers are backed up with big stocks, quick deliveries and good customer service.

Can you Supply My Dance Festival Trophies in Various Sizes and Colours?

No Problem! we can provide a large range of bespoke sizes or colour themes for your Dance Festival Trophies. Please enquire with our customer service team who can guide you and provide draft pictures of proposed custom made models in your colour and size specification.

Our long list of customers come from all forms of the dancing spectrum and include:

Dance Awards Bright Colourful Designs

On offer a wide range of colourful themes associated with Dancing using coloured plastic columns, trims and insert centres to complement our gold and silver finishes. We use large combinations of colourful components for our finished trophies to achieve striking designs.

  • Main Body Trophy Colours
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Insert Centres Choices
  • All dance styles, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th place, team award, special award, nation emblems and flags. Freestyle, Disco Freestyle, Team Award, Freestyle Pairs
  • Custom Design Logo Inserts minimum quantity 50 Units supplied free and applied to Your Awards
  • Trophy Colour Themes
  • Purple, Pink, Red, Mid Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Silver, Orange and Bright Gold
  • Awards for all Finishing Places and Titles
  • Overall Champions, Winners, Runners Up and Solo, Duo, Quads and Team Winners.
  • Competitors and Participant and Medals
  • All Sized Awards
  • Mini, Small, Big and Giant Trophies

Dance Medals With Ribbons Standard or Custom Logo Designs

We have some great deals for economy medals in gold, silver and bronze finishes at cheap prices with free ribbons included in the choice of 30 colours great for winners, participants and attendance awards. Choose medals with standard dance inserts to customise with your own free logo centre.

Dancing Medals medal section or ask our Sales Team for details.

Plaques, Cups, Glass Trophies and Other Awards for Dance

We supply a massive range of generic awards used at dance events these include presentation cups, plaques, star trophies, glass trophies and many more award ideas. These generic awards take our standard size insert centre available in standard or custom logo designs this multiplies your choice of dance trophies, medals and awards into the 1000's. These include;

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