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Karate Trophies Medals and Awards Engraved

Check out our great selection of karate trophies, medals, and awards, all with amazing up to 50% off discounts. We are a dedicated and specialised supplier to many martial arts organisations, clubs and associations in the UK. We cover awards to suit all kinds of karate tournaments, competitions or end of year student award ceremonies.

We have various karate trophies for different events, competitions, tournaments, or student presentations at the end of the year. Choose from a cross-section of sizes, colours, finishes, qualities and price levels in a range of sizes and designs. We provide large ranges of plastic, metal, glass and wood trophies and awards in gold silver and bronze finishes.

We have many karate medals for you to choose from. You can get free ribbons with your medals in over 30 colours or customized with your event or club logo.

You can purchase karate trophies and medals for winners, runners-up, and semi-finalists. There are also medallions for junior and senior participants, both male and female. These are suitable for various karate events, including Korean and Japanese karate styles which include;

  • FEKO/WKL Events
  • Kumite, Kata Forms & Kihon
  • Sparring and Full and Semi Contact Tournaments
  • Kickboxing
  • Self Defence Classes
  • Belt Gradings (White to Black)
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Shotokan, Budokan, Kyokushinkai
  • Shuri-ryu/Uechi-ryu/Shorin-ryu
  • Wado-ryu/Goju-ryu/Shito-ryu/ Chito-ryu
  • Taekwondo Trophies
  • Tang Soo Do

Cheap Karate Trophies and Medals With Big Discounts?

We offer the cheapest Karate trophies & medals in the UK by a long shot! We import and manufacture trophies and medals in the UK, without involving middlemen or paying extra for wholesaler added costs.

We purchase large quantities to obtain the best prices globally. Then, we deliver these items to our production warehouse facility in Cardiff South Wales.

We pass back all these savings to you in the form of big price reductions and quantity discounts. Get the best deals by buying directly and enjoy the benefits of quick dispatch from our large stocks.

  • Bulk imports to our UK distribution centre.
  • We are a manufacturer, importer and UK-wide distributor of trophies and medals.
  • Up to 50% OFF on over 2000 products.
  • Price guarantee and excellent customer service.
  • Big stocks for quick Delivery and dispatch.

Karate Medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze Custom Or Standard Designs

We have many Karate medals in stock or with custom logos. They come in gold, silver, and bronze finishes. We have different sizes, designs, and thicknesses available. You can choose from 30 different ribbon colours or presentation boxes in different colours, sizes and finishes.

A full range of Karate Medals

Customising, Personalising and Engraving Your Karate Trophies

We can engrave names, dates, and competition details on your karate trophies and awards. We can offer Free logo insert centres for your trophies or medals.

You can add custom logos and designs to awards using laser engraving, glass engraving, shot blasting, printing, and etching. Please enquire with our customer service team for more information on bespoke karate trophy designs.

Free engraving and Free Delivery we can go further by offering up to 50% discount of our competitor's prices do the maths or just compare our shopping basket prices against these so-called free offers.

Trophy Cups, Plaques, Glass Trophies and Other Awards For Karate

We offer a variety of Karate trophies and medals. Additionally, we have generic awards suitable for different martial arts events and award ceremonies. These include huge collections of glass trophies, trophy cups, shields, plaques, silver plates and many other award ideas.

Many of these awards accept either our standard size insert centre in Karate or your custom logo design. This gives you more options for suitable karate awards and trophies.

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