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Plastic Trophies and Awards in Gold and Silver

Cheap gold and silver plastic trophies available online now. View our big selection of plastic plaques, trophy cups, sports trophies, and star trophies. We have many colours, sizes, and designs for competitor awards like 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and other participant or winner presentations.

Choose from 100's of glittering plastic gold trophies and silver awards with large selection of complementary colours. Although these are plastic trophy awards products they still create a wow factor and give a high perceived value appearance.

Checkout our incredible up to 50% OFF other trophy shops and online suppliers prices. We can customise our plastic trophies with your custom logo as well as personalising them engraving. Our cheap plastic awards come in various sizes and designs and are perfect for affordable trophies at children's award events.

Our plastic awards range caters for a wide range of competitions, tournaments, sports events or general achievement presentations. We cater to over 200 sports and activities awards for schools, clubs leagues and other junior associations.

Cheap Plastic Trophies With Big Discounts

Cheap Plastic trophies at low budget prices with an additional bonus of up to 50% OFF our competitors prices.

Our prices are unbeatable because we have a cost-cutting business model. Additionally, we are a trophy manufacturer, importer, and distributor across the UK.

These elements create huge savings and avoids any middleman or wholesaler costs. Select from over 1500 products in the economy awards range which include;

Plastic Trophies in a Vast Collection of Colours and Sizes

We have many plastic trophies and awards in different colours and sizes made with lots of coloured plastic parts and columns. We can customize colours and sizes from 1st to 10th place to match your event or tournament needs.

With our massive choice of colours you are able to totally colour coordinate your award and presentation ceremony.

  • Metalic Plated Trophy Colours
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze and Antique Colours
  • Centre Inserts
  • Over 200 standard stock designs for all Sports and Activities, Winners, Runners Up, 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th 5th 6th place national flags and symbols. Victory Torch, Special Award and many more
  • Colourful Trophy Themes
  • Orange, Pink, Purple, Mid Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Red, Silver, and Bright Gold

    Trophies available in all Sizes
  • Plastic Trophy Sizes
  • Small, Mini, Large and Huge Plastic Trophies
  • Custom Logos and Engraving Your Plastic Awards

    We can add your custom logo to the majority or of plastic trophies and awards, these are a free service. You can personalise them using our full engraving service.

    Free Engraving, we can better this offer from other trophy suppliers by discounting their prices by up to 50%. Please compare our overall costs to see who really is offering the cheapest deal.

    Plastic Trophies and More for all Sport and Achievement Awards

    We offer a wide variety of plastic trophies for specific sports. Additionally, we have a large selection of generic plastic plaques, cups, star trophies, and other general awards. These include wood plaques and shields, medals and Glass trophy awards in a full range of qualities and sizes. These include;

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