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Trophies for Sport or Recognition Awards

We have Trophies for all types of presentations or award ceremonies, for sports or general achievements. We have 4000+ trophies, medals, and awards in different materials, sizes, and designs to fit any budget or preference.

We offer the most trophies and awards online.
.You can save up to 50%
compared to other suppliers and trophy shops. We provide awards for all types of races, competitions, tournaments, and sporting events. This includes prizes for winners, runners-up, semi-finalists, and participants.

We provide a full engraving service and we are able to customise your awards with your own logo. We have many trophies and medals for different sports, for both men and women, young and old. We also have over 1500 generic awards for any occasion.

A Huge Collection of Trophy Qualities and Colours

You can find trophies for any budget, taste, or preference with a wide variety of qualities and materials. We offer a large selection of matching sizes to cover all finishing places and positions. We also provide a big selection of colour themes ideal junior events and presentations our colorful offerings include the following:

  • Budget Trophies
  • Custom Trophies
  • Engraved Trophies
  • Expensive Trophies
  • Gold, Silver, Bronze and Antique Trophies
  • Glass Trophies
  • Novelty Trophies
  • Plastic Trophies
  • Small Trophies
  • Star Trophies
  • Trophy Cups
  • Trophy Plaques
  • Tall Trophies
  • Wood Trophies
  • Other Colourful Themes
  • Orange, Sky Blue, Mid Blue, Silver, Pink, Green, Purple and Red Trophies,

Trophies at The Cheapest Prices

Our trophies have the best online discounts. We use a cost-reducing business model to offer the cheapest awards in the UK. Part of the strategy includes medal and trophy importing, manufacturing and in-house customisation, engraving.

These operations eliminate middlemen and handling costs, resulting in discounts for customers and significant benefits for trophy buyers. We guarantee our prices against all other suppliers and offer quick deliveries and top quality customer service.

Huge Ranges of Generic Trophies

We offer a diverse range of trophies for various sports. Additionally, we also provide general awards such as plaques, shields, cups, and glass trophies. These are all subject to the same big discounts and a wide collection and include the following:

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