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Fishing and Angling Trophies Medals and Awards Engraved

Fishing and angling Trophies and Medals and extensive range of generic trophy awards for sea angling or course fishing with up to 50% OFF trophy shop and online prices. Choose from the biggest range available in the UK today with an array of finishes, sizes, colour, qualities, and price levels in glass, plastic, metal, and resin materials. Our wide variety of trophies and awards covers all junior and senior anglers' recognition and achievement presentations.

We cover all awards for fishing and angling trophies for winners, runner-ups and 3rd place as well as other participant trophies and medals. Our range caters to all fishing events, competitions, tournaments and not forgetting end-of-the-year club presentation award ceremonies. We provide a full engraving service and you are able to customise your trophy, medal or award with personalised free logo centre inserts ideal for club, event, sponsor or association logos. Join the hundreds of fishing customers we already supply under the umbrella of local and national piscatorial associations such as:

  • The Angling Trust
  • British Disabled Angling Association
  • Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling
  • Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers
  • The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland
  • Irish/Scottish/Welsh Federations of Sea Anglers
  • National Federation of Sea Anglers

Cheap Fishing Trophies and Medals With Big Discounts

The cheapest prices and the biggest discounts with massive price reductions across our entire range of awards. This is due to our cost-reducing business model and the fact that we are a combination of a trophy importer, a UK-wide distributor, and a trophy manufacturer.

This enables us to source our products worldwide at the lowest prices and deliver directly to our warehouse and distribution center cutting out any middle man and wholesale handling costs. All our savings are passed back to you our customers and from our huge stocks we can quickly despatch from a vast range of coarse fishing and sea angling presentations.

We cover all forms, disciplines, and types of fishing events which include:

  • Sea Fishing (Boat & Shore)
  • Coarse Fishing (Float, Fly, Spinning, Ledgering, Pole)
  • Match Angling (National, Regional, International)
  • Club Presentations Evenings
  • Fishing Festivals
  • Charity/Corporate Events

Do you Cover all Types of Fish & Fishing Award Categories?

Our trophies are fished for competitively in, the open seas, lakes, lochs, rivers, and canals all over the British Isles and we cater for all types of fish species which can be found, for example:

  • Coarse Fish (Bream, Barbel, Carp, Pike, Stickleback, Gudgeon, Chub, Dace, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Tench)
  • Game Fish (Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, Sea Trout, Grayling)
  • Sea Fish (Conger Eel, Mullet, Bass, Skate, Gurnard, Cod, Tope, Wrasse, Dab, Plaice, Pollack, Ray, Mackerel, Turbot, Dogfish, Bream)

No matter what the award or category, we’ll have it covered, from match day awards to end-of-season presentation evenings with typical awards being presented for:

  • Most Fish Caught
  • Biggest Catch
  • Most Points
  • Specimen Awards
  • Total Weight
  • Wooden Spoon
  • name but a few.

Customising Personalising and Engraving Your Fishing Trophies

You are able to add personalised engraving to your figure skating awards using our full complete engraving service where we are able to inscribe logos, names, dates, and competition details. We are also able to customise some of these awards using laser engraving, glass engraving, shot blasting, etching and printing processes, please ask our customer service team for more details on bespoke trophy designs.

Free Delivery and Free Engravingwe offer far bigger cost benefits than other gratis offers from some suppliers by discounting their prices by up to 50%. Please compare our shopping basket prices to others where their free offers only equal approx 10% of a typical order value.

Cups, Plaques, Shields and Glass Trophies

A big collection of specific fishing and angling trophies is available with a range of fisherman figures, reels, and fish and net designs in resin and plastic designs. We also offer a wide selection of gold, silver, and bronze fishing medals with ribbons in standard stock or custom logo designs. Apart from a range of specific fishing awards.

Also on offer a huge selection of generic awards used for fishing. These include vast collections of plaques, shields, presentation cups, silver salvers, glass awards with many more award ideas. Many of these generic awards also take our centre inserts in standard fishing or your own custom designs, these ranges include:

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