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Big Impressive Trophies, Cups & Awards Engraved

We offer an extensive collection of big and impressive trophies, cups and awards where size really matters, choose from a large selection of standout presentation awards which include cups, trophies and shields in tall and mighty sizes. We are able to cover all tastes, budgets and preferences using plastic, metal and wood quality materials to gain height and stature.

  • Big Plastic Trophies
  • Large Wooden Shields for Annual Presentations
  • Cup Awards
  • Gold and Silver Complimented by a Extensive Range of Colour Themes

This range not only gives the wow factor at award ceremonies and presentations but it will impress competitors and spectators alike and lift the competitiveness of your event. We offer cups and trophies in a wide range of sizes for tournaments and competitions with event finishing places available in 1st to 10th place in some cases.

Not only do we offer big awards we offer big discounts of up to 50% OFF other online suppliers and trophy shop prices. Making us the biggest and cheapest supplier in the UK! and our with big trophies to suit many events and such as:

  • World, Regional, National and International Dance Competetions
  • Competitions, Festivals, Knockout Cups, Championships, Qualifiers
  • League Champions
  • Motorsports
  • Karate, Pool, Darts, Golf, Rugby Football, Snooker Tennis Tournaments
  • and many more high profile sporting events

Big Trophies with Cheap Prices and Massive Discounts

The biggest trophies with the largest discounts making our prices the cheapest in UK. It sounds a very bold statement but we really slash our competitor's prices, as we are a mix of a direct importer, trophy manufacturer and UK wide distributor which allows us to cut costs at every stage of our operations.

These savings are converted into quantity colossal discounts to our customers who enjoy all the price advantages and benefits of buying directly, with no added middleman or wholesale costs. Our cost-cutting business model works like this:

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing for larger trophies at lowest prices
  • Lowest global prices based on bulk shipments to our warehouse and production facility
  • Quick Deliveries, Huge Stock and Excellent Customer Service
  • On Site, Production, Customisation and Personalisation
  • Direct Shipping from our Cardiff Distribution Centre
  • Our business model effectively Avoids Middle man & Wholesale Costs

Bulk Ordering and Bespoke Sized Trophies

If you are bulk ordering for a large tournament or festival we are able to tailor-make bespoke sizes and colour themes to suit category places and event themes. We can provide ‘big’ trophies in many guises which include presentation cups, shields, plastic awards and glass plaques and more impressive sized awards.

Large Spectacular Column and Pillar Trophies

If you are looking for a trophy to tower above the rest this spectacular range of column and pillar trophies are the giants of our awards range. Available in 2 or 4 column designs in 9 various colour themes complete with wood or marble bases. Ever popular pillar trophies can be made to almost any size within reason by using plastic columns to achieve any sensible height. Please enquire with our customer service team for more information.

Custom Club and Event Logos plus Personalised Engraving

We are able to customise your trophies, cups or shields with engraved logos or free logo insert centres. Take advantage of low-cost engraving where we are able to engrave logos, names, dates and event details directly to award surfaces or on metal engraved plates attached to trophy bases.

Medals Plaques, Glass Trophies, Medals and Other Awards

Aside from our great ranges of specific sport trophies and medals we also supply vast collections of generic awards that are popular with many events and award ceremonies. We offer huge ranges of medals, trophy cups, plaques, glass trophies, medals, silver plate salvers and many more award products.

Available with Standard sport/ activity or your own customised logo insert designs can be applied to many of these awards or engraved logos in some cases. Our popular Generic award ranges include:

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