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Motocross Trophies Cups and Awards we are Specialist Supplier

Motocross Trophies, Cups and Awards The largest range of quality in the UK & Ireland available at up to unmatchable discounts of 50%OFF trophy shop and online prices. We offer a huge range of motocross racing awards in an extensive range of sizes, finishes, qualities, and price levels to suit any championship series events or end-of-season presentations. Our range covers metal, plastic, glass, resin, and wood award designs.

Our range includes a wide range of matching design sizes to cover all finishing positions for all age groups and classes, riders' championships, and event winners or podium positions. Choose from a variety of gold or silver-plated trophy cups in up to 10 sizes or a fantastic quality range of glass trophies all available with personalised engraving or customised with your club, sponsors, or association logos.

We are one of The Largest Trophy, Award and Cup Suppliers

As the Trophy Finder brand reaches out to the exciting world of motorsport - more and more club, league and race meeting organisers are taking advantage of our huge trophy discounts and variety of choices which are available to them as they lay on events which come under the banner of national associations governing the sport such as:

  • The Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA)
  • Auto Cycle Union (ACU)
  • SACU – Scottish Auto Cycle Union
  • MCUI – Motor Cycle Union of Ireland
  • The FMN of the FIM for Ireland
  • British Enduro Mountain Bike Association (BEMBRA)

Cheap Motocross Trophies and Awards Big Discounts and the Lowest Prices

Cheap Motocross Trophies and Awards with the biggest discounts and lowest prices how? Our business model differs from that of the many reputable trophy store or online suppliers. Our strategic sourcing strategy takes us to all corners of the world as we seek accredited quality manufacturing partners at the lowest prices.

Bulk shipments are stored at our Cardiff, South Wales warehouse, production, and distribution centre this cuts out any middle man or wholesaler costs. As we are a trophy manufacturer, importer and national distributor you can rest assured you are dealing directly backed up with the best deals, big stocks, and excellent customer service.

Motocross Trophies, Cups and Glass Awards of Quality

The majority of motorsport races and events tend to buy big impressive trophy cups in varying sizes, motorsport-themed trophies such as resin trophy designs with helmets, pistons, chequered flags, and bike and rider themes. With this in mind, we developed our exclusive range of motor racing-themed products that are designed in size and stature to impress any rider or spectator at any award ceremony and include .

Motocross Competition Categories & Events Trophy Awards

The Trophy Finder brand is synonymous with value-for-money motorsport trophies to cover all championships, series, and tournament events as well as end-of-the-year award ceremonies. We give big savings to club or event organisers of Open, Restricted, National, European, and International race meetings featuring the standard classifications of:

  • ATV Quad Motocross
  • Beach Racing
  • Enduro
  • Freestyle
  • Hill Climbing
  • Mini Bikes
  • Supermoto
  • Trials
  • Superlite
  • Youth Solo
  • Adult Solo
  • Sidecar
  • Adult Quad
  • Youth Quad
  • Adult Mini Bike
  • Youth Mini Bike
  • Automatic Class

Personalising Engraving and Customising your Motocross Trophies

Personalising your motorsport trophies is easy using our complete engraving service where we are able to indelibly inscribe names, classes, categories an dates to your awards. We offer free logo centre inserts with your own club, association or event logo. We are able to add bespoke designs using, cup engraving, glass engraving, printing, laser engraving, and etching customization processes. Please contact our customer service team for more information on bespoke trophy designs.

Free Engraving and Free Delivery we can offer you a much bigger cost-saving offer than other suppliers' gratis offers by discounting their prices by up to 50%. Al we ask is you to compare pour shopping basket prices where our discounts are applied as their free offers only equate to 10% of your typical order value.

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