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Cricket Trophies Medals and Glass Awards

Check out our amazing Cricket trophies, awards, and medals at up to 50% OFFother trophy shop and other online suppliers. We have many options in plastic, resin, metal, wood, and glass materials to fit any budget, preference, or taste.

Buy trophies or medals for male/female cricketers, and awards for junior/senior player ceremonies. We have trophies in gold, silver, and bronze for winners and runners-up. We also have cricket trophies for end-of-season player awards and player achievements.

We provide trophy engraving services. We can personalize your trophy or medal with custom-designed inserts. These inserts can feature your club, league, or company logo. They are suitable for winners, runners-up, and general participants.

Whatever type of award you need, we’ll provide the solution by covering all possible categories including:

  • Batsman of the Year
  • Best Bowler
  • Most Improved Player
  • Highest Batting Average
  • Most Wickets
  • Clubman Award
  • Best Fielder
  • Junior Team/Squad Member

Cheap Cricket Trophies and Medals with Big Discounts

Take advantage of Cheap prices with up to 50% OFF other cricket trophy and medal suppliers prices. Our offers may seem unbelievable, but we are a trophy maker, importer, and distributor in the UK. We save money in every aspect of our business.

We save money by importing and making products ourselves, so we can offer discounts for buying in large quantities. We back up all our amazing sale offers with big stocks, quick deliveries, and excellent customer service.

Cricket Medals With Ribbons

Choose from a variety of cricket medals with ribbons in gold, silver, and bronze finishes. They come in standard cricket designs or can be customised with your own logo.

You are able to buy medal ribbons in over 30 colours attached free to your medallions. We offer different prices and qualities for both kids and adults. We can accommodate any budget or expectations of medal buyers.

Cricket Trophy Awards to Suit All Players

We have the biggest variety of cricket awards in the UK. Our awards come in resin and plastic and feature cricket player figures, wickets, bats, balls, and stumps. They are available in antique, silver, and gold finishes.

Regardless of budget, we offer an extensive choice of adult and junior or male and female cricket trophies to suit all ages. We offer awards to suit all types of cricket events and tournaments. Our prices vary to accommodate different budgets. Whether you need products for kids or professional players, for participation or achievement, we have you covered.

  • Club End of Season Presentations
  • Lord Taverners
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Coaching Academies
  • League Winners and Runners Up

Customise, Personalise and Engraving Your Cricket Awards

Customise your cricket awards with our engraving service. We can add names, dates, competition details, and logos to glass and cup surfaces. You can customise your awards with your own logo insertsFree that fit all our trophies, medals, and awards.

We offer customization options for our many of our trophy and awards. These options include unique designs and logos. We use various methods such as laser engraving, glass engraving, shot blasting, and printing. If you would like more details, please contact our customer service team.

Free engraving and Free Delivery we can go much further than other supplier's gratis offers, by discounting their prices by up to 50%. All we ask is you compare our shopping cart prices where our discounts are applied.

Presentation Cups, Plaques, Shields or Glass Awards for Cricket

In addition to our cricket medals and trophies, we have many other awards for cricket ceremonies. These include a wide variety of plaques, shields, presentation cups, tankards, glass trophies and many more award ideas.

Many of these awards accept our standard size insert centres in stock cricket or your own custom design. This multiplies your choice of cricket awards into the 1000's, these ranges include:

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