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Surfing Trophies, Medals and Awards

We offer a massive range of trophies, medals and awards for any surfing event, tournament or competition with an amazing up to 50% off other online suppliers trophy suppliers prices. Select from large ranges of plastic, metal, wood, glass and resin awards in a complete range of qualities, sizes and price levels to suit and surfing award presentation. You are able to use our full engraving service as well as the option of applying your own custom logos to your trophies or medals.

Cheap Prices and Big Discounts on all Our Surfing Trophies and Medals

We offer cheapest prices and the largest discounts in the UK which will give you huge savings on your surfing trophies and medals. Our cost-cutting business strategy allows us to make huge savings in all our operations, these are returned to you in the form of quantity discounts and big price reductions.

Trophy Cups, Medals, Plaques, Shields and Glass Awards for Surfing

Choose from endless ranges of trophy cups, medals, shields, glass awards, plaques and many more award types for your surfing event or award ceremony. We can customise many of these awards with your own logo including our free centre inserts available in standard surfing or your own bespoke designs. Our ranges include the following popular awards for surfing.

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