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Swimming Trophies Medals & Awards

View our the most comprehensive range of Swimming Trophies, Awards and Medals online today. Get our awesome swimming trophies at a huge 50% discount compared to other stores and online trophy suppliers.

We have gold, silver, and bronze trophies available for various purposes. You can award these trophies for achieving 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in competitions or swimming galas. Participants in events or end-of-year swimming club presentations can also receive them. we full engraving service to personalise you swimming trophies as well as option of custom logos added to awards.

Trophy Finder is the top supplier of presentation trophies for all aquatic sports in the UK. They supply trophies to suit swimming in short courses and open water, for kids, adults, and both men and women. We cover many swimming events which include:

  • ASA Events
  • Swimming Clubs/Galas
  • County/Regional Championships
  • Swimmer Achievement Awards
  • Swimming Medal Awards

For Aquatic Events Such As

  • Freestyle – Breaststroke – Backstroke – Butterfly – Relays - Medleys
  • Synchronised - Lifesaving - Distance Awards

Cheap Swimming Trophies & Medals Lowest Online Prices?

The Cheapest prices and big discounts on all our swimming medals and trophies, this is our price guarantee. We make trophies and medals, import them, and distribute them across the UK. Our efficient business model saves a lot of money.

We pass back all the savings we make to our customers in the form of quantity discounts and big price reductions. We back up all our fantastic prices with quick deliveries, big stocks, and excellent customer service.

Swimming Medallions Gold Silver Bronze with Free Ribbons?

Our Swimming medallions come with free ribbons attached in gold, silver and bronze in a choice qualities, sizes, and thicknesses. You can buy standard stock or customised medal designs. We provide medallions for any swimming event including galas, inter-club competitions and sponsored swims.

We have over 30 medal ribbons in various colours. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of medal display cases in different qualities and colours.

Customising and Engraving Your Swimming Trophies

You can personalise swimming trophy awards using our full engraving service. We can customise your swimming trophies and medals with a free logo insert. This is a great way to show your club or association logo on your awards.

Free engraving and Free Deliverywe can better other suppliers free engraving offers buy discounting their prices by up to 50%. All we ask is you compare our basket costs and seethe price staggering difference.

Trophy Cups, Glass Trophies, Plaques and Other Awards for Swimming

We have various swimming trophies and awards, along with other common awards given at swimming award ceremonies and presentations. These include many shields, plaques, trophy cups, medals in boxes and much more.

You can use our standard size insert centres or custom logo designs for with our generic awards. You have over 1000 trophy options to choose from, and some of them are shown below.

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