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Trophies & Medals for Schools a Big Range of Educational Awards

View our massive selection of Medals and Trophies for schools, we offer a huge selection of educational awards. Our products cover all aspects of children's education and activities, including sports, classrooms, curriculum, competitions, and citizenship development.

We are specialist schools trophy and awards supplier with range of trophies and medals specifically designed for the education awards. We offer schools a variety of award products at prices up to 50% lower than other trophy shops and online suppliers.

You can choose from a variety of trophies and medals to suit all areas of education and school activities. These awards are given for accomplishments, recognition, and excellence. They are awarded in various subjects, school activities, and life skills learning.

Here’s typically who we supply:

  • Academies
  • Boarding, Private, State, Preparatory Schools
  • Grammar, Independent, Secondary Schools
  • Nurseries and Infants
  • Primary and Junior Education
  • Colleges and Universities

Cheap Trophies, Awards & Medals for Schools

We offer the cheapest trophies, medals and awards to schools with up to 50% OFF other trophy suppliers prices. Join schools, colleges, and universities who buy from Trophy Finder and save money on trophy purchases.

You are now able to buy bigger and better quality products for your award ceremonies. As we are an importer, manufacturer, and supplier you can now buy directly, with no added wholesale or middleman costs. This allows you to drastically reduce your spending and make huge savings on your trophies and awards budget.

We can offer so much more than free engraving offers from others trophy stores by discounting their prices by up to 50%. Please compare our final costs to see who really offers the best deal in trophies and medals in the UK.

Trophies for School Recognition, Merit, Achievement and Performance

Our exclusive collection of trophies and medals cover all aspects of school merit, recognition, achievement, and performance. These include learning activities, subjects, sports, and behavioural and citizenship values. Developed to recognize, encourage and reward pupil development and are ideal for teacher or headteacher classroom or assembly presentations.

You buy from our core generic trophy and medal range of over 2000 products. You can customise these using our school themed centre inserts available in over 50 designs. The combinations and permutations of learning awards for children is staggering.

Medals and Trophies for Sports Played in Schools

Checkout our big selection of sport specific trophies and awards. We cover all sports played in schools for girls and boys. We have a wide range of medals, cups, shields, and plaques for all school sports, available in gold or silver.

  • Athletics, Badminton, Chess, Cooking, Cricket and Cycling
  • Dance, Drama, Football, Gymnastics or P.E
  • Hockey, Lacrosse, Music, Netball, Quiz, Rugby, Running and Rounders
  • Softball, Sports Day, Swimming, Table Tennis and Tennis

Engraved and Custom Logo School Trophies and Awards

Personalise your trophies and awards with our engraving service. Add names and competition details to your trophy or medal.

We can customise your trophies, medal and awards by adding your school logo or crest. Checkout our medal ribbons available in approx. 30 colour theme designs to match your school colours:

  • One Colour Medal Ribbons
  • Royal Blue, Sky Blue Navy, Green, Burgundy, Pink, Red, White, Purple and Yellow.
  • Dual Colours Medal Ribbons
  • Black & White, Black & Orange, Black & Red, Blue & Red, Blue & Yellow, Green & White, Blue & White Green & Yellow, Green & Red, Red & Green, Red & Yellow and, Red & White
  • Triple Colours Medal Ribbons
  • Red Blue White (Union Jack Colours), Green Red White (Welsh Flag Colours), Orange White Green (Ireland Flag Tri Colour), Rainbow Multi Colour.

Plaques, Medals, Shields, Trophy Cups, for Schools

We offer a wide range of generic awards that can be supplied with our standard size school insert centre or personalised insert centres with your school logo. Extending your choice of educational awards into the hundreds, these include:

  • Plastic Cheap Trophies
  • Cup Trophies
  • Glass Trophies
  • Crystal Glass Trophies and Engraved Glassware
  • Wood Trophies Plaques and Shields
  • Star Trophies
  • Globe and World Trophies
  • Quality and Prestigious Trophies
  • Engraved Trophies and Awards
  • Big Trophies
  • Gold Trophies
  • Plastic Cups Trophies
  • Bowl Cup Trophies
  • Economy Trophies
  • Glass Star Trophies
  • Oscar Lookalike Trophies
  • Kids Trophies
  • Wood Trophies Plaques and Shields
  • Glass Trophies
  • Medals for Schools
  • School Badges
  • School Attendance Awards
  • Star Pupil Trophies and Medals
  • School Sports Day Medals
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