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Wood Trophy Shields & Award Plaques

Some people believe that wooden trophies and plaques are always fashionable. We think this is because we provide incredible discounts. These discounts can be as high as 50% off the prices offered by other online suppliers. We offer a wide range of wooden trophy awards for any occasion, from sport or achievement. Our extensive selection includes wooden award in various shapes and sizes that will fit your budget!

You are able to engrave and personalise your wooden trophy awards by using our full engraving service. We can also add your custom logo to your wood plaques and shields with custom insert centres or direct print.

We have wooden plaques in landscape or portrait style and shields in perpetual, annual, monthly, or replica designs. Various qualities of wood trophy awards are available including hardwood, MDF and laminated wood finishes.

Our wooden trophy awards are a great way to celebrate award ceremony or trophy presentation! These awards are perfect for winners, runners-up, and participants in tournaments or competitions..

Do we Really Offer The Cheapest Trophy Plaques and Shields Online?

Cheap trophy shields and plaques, the best deal in town has to be us! We have some of the lowest prices and the biggest discounts online. We are a successful trophy maker and distributor with a cost-effective business model. Our customer service is excellent, which will make you want to come back to us repeatedly.

These elements enable us to achieve massive savings that we recalculate into customer price reductions and quantity discounts.

What is the Difference Between Shields and Plaque Trophies?

Here's a guide to understand the Direct Source range for award ceremonies and presentations.

  • Wooden Annual Shields – These heart-shaped plaques are available in 10", 12" and 14". These awards can be used every year and forever.
  • They have silver chrome plate center shields that can hold a standard sport, activity, or special insert. They also have a scroll ribbon that keeps track of names on a weekly or monthly basis. All our ranges of perpetual/annual shields are supplied boxed and with a free-standing/wall-hanging strut.
  • Heart-shaped plaques made of wood are replica shields that people can give as awards to champions, winners, and runners-up. With a variety of sizes available (4", 5", 6" 7/8"), there's something to fit every occasion! They consist of a chrome centre shield which can be engraved and you insert a sport, activity or special centre. All sizes are supplied with a free-standing/wall-hanging strut.
  • Wooden Plaques – Lower-priced alternatives to the replica range and offered in rectangular-shaped multi-colour wood finishes with hot-foiled plastic trims added for embellishment. Engraving can be added via an anodized aluminum engraving plate.
  • Sublimation Printed Wall Plaques - Taking the personalisation process to the next level with a choice of superb quality full colour sublimation printed rectangular plaques onto specially coated aluminum print receptive plates – ask our Sales Team for details. Often used for degree graduations, certifications, accreditations, qualifications as well as sport and achievement awards.

Personalising Engraving and Customising Your Wooden Awards

You can customise your plaque or shield awards with logos which includes ourfree logo insert. Personalise items with our engraving service. We can permanently inscribe names, dates, and competition details on all our products.

Free engraving and Free Delivery we offer far bigger savings than these so-called free offers by discounting their prices by up to 50% off.

Medals, Trophy Cups, Plaques, Glass Trophies Other Awards

Apart from shield and plaque designs we also offer an extensive collection of generic awards used for award presentations. These award products can use our standard size insert centres with standard activity/sport designs or your custom logo.

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