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Synchronized Swimming Trophies and Awards

We are offering a large selection of trophies, medals and awards for synchronized swimming with up to 50% off other online trophy prices. Our ranges include glass, wood, plastic resin and metal in complete range of sizes and designs. Use our full engraving service to personalise your trophies or medallions as well as the option for custom logos!.

The trophies are available in various shapes, sizes and materials. You can choose between glass, metal or wood for the trophy depending on your preferences as well as suitability of material to be used. The trophy is customisable based on swimmers' finishing places such that you have an option of choosing 3rd place winner's awards along with all other participants who complete their race successfully.

Synchronized Swimming Medals

Celebrate achievements with a huge range of synchronized swimming medals available in gold, silver and bronze! We can provide standard designs as well as custom logo medals for large events. Select from many different sizes and thicknesses. You are able to choose from over 30 stock colour ribbons attached free to your medals or medal presentation boxes in various qualities and colours, Full details shown below:

  • One Colour Medal Ribbons
  • Green, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy, Burgundy.
  • Dual Colours Medal Ribbons
  • Red & White, Red & Green, Red & Yellow, Black & Red, Black & White, Black & Orange, Blue & Red, Blue & White, Blue & Yellow, Green & White, Green & Yellow, Green & Red.
  • Triple Colour Medal Ribbons
  • Red Blue White (UK Colours), Green Red White (Welsh Colours), Orange White Green (Ireland Tri-Colour), Rainbow Multi Colours.
  • Medal Display Boxes ore Display Cases Available in the Following
  • Black Plastic economy Medal Boxes
  • Blue PVC medium quality medal cases.
  • Suede premier quality medal boxes

Synchronized Swimming Trophies at the Cheapest Prices

To get the lowest prices and biggest discounts on trophies, medals and awards across our entire product range with up to 50% off unmatched anywhere online. Our low prices for custom awards are the result of our direct importation and manufacturing. This allows us to control all costs without adding them on wholesale purchases from a third party, which most other companies do. .

Cups, Plaques, Shields and Other Awards for Synchronized Swimming

1000's of generic awards for all types of recognition can be found on our website. You are also able to customise these trophies with your own logo or design, including free centre inserts in standard stock designs and bespoke options as well.

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