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Quality Heavy Nickel Plated Trophy Cups in a Range of Sizes

Nickel Plated trophy cups are the real deal when you are you are looking for the best trophy cups, but you don't want to break your budget? We have what you need! These heavy-duty and high-quality presentation trophies will give off a beautiful mirror finish that is sure to impress. They may lack some of the prestige as English silver-plated counterparts, but they still provide an elegant appearance with their stunning traditional design.

A fully personalised engraving service is available where we are able to add custom logos or text to the main cup body. A wide range of sizes are available and this can be found in many sports including golf, football, cricket as well as motorsport, darts, pool and any other sports for the following presentations :

  • Championship Winners, Overall Champions,
  • Team or Individual Presentations
  • Memorial Cups
  • League Winners and Champions
  • Knockout Cup Competitions

The Cheapest Nickel Plated Cups Online with Big Discounts

Our nickel-plated cups are available at the cheapest prices in UK. We offer discounts of up to 50% OFF other online suppliers' and trophy shop's prices, so take advantage now! This is all down to our frugal approach to business as well as being a manufacturer, direct importer, and distributor for trophies across the country.

Trophy Finder has seen success in its business model due to the large discounts and savings that are passed on, made possible by global sourcing of trophy products. Customers can purchase a single or multiple trophies at reduced rates with these deals offered through Trophy Finder's competitive pricing structure..

Here’s how we work to keep costs to a minimum

  • Lowest market prices based on bulk shipments production facility
  • Big Stocks, good customer service and delivery
  • All items are assembled and finished (engraved, printed etc.) on site
  • Orders Processed and Shipped Diorect from our Cardiff, South Wales distribution centre
  • We cut out the middle man and any wholesale costs

Personalised your Nickel Plated Cups With Engraving

You are able to fully personalise your nickel-plated cups using our full cup engraving service where use the latest technology to engrave custom logos and text direct to the cup service or to metal plate fixed to the cup base.

Free engraving and Free Delivery as we apply up to 50% OFFcompetitors prices we apply nominal charges for these services. Please compare our shopping cart prices charge top prices with no discounts but make these gratis offers.

Big Ranges of Trophies, Medals, Plaques, Shields and Other Award Products

Yes, we've got a trophy for you too! Choose from over 4000 awards on this website and get the perfect award to celebrate any triumph. We have an assortment of sport-specific trophies in plastic, resin or glass materials to choose from as well as 1000's of generic plaques, shields and other types of prizes including medals.. All range come in a large range of sizes and designs to cover any budget, preference or taste these include: