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Fantastic Medals to Commemorate The Coronation of King Charles III

Commemorative coronation medals are a popular way to celebrate important events, and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III will be no exception. May 6th, 2023 marks a significant milestone in British history and we are offering a range of commemorative medals to mark this once-a-lifetime event. The former Prince of Wales became king on the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th, 2022, and was proclaimed King by the accession council of the United Kingdom on September 10th, 2022.

We will celebrate his coronation at Westminster Abbey where he will be alongside the Queen Consort for this majestic event. The ceremony will reflect the monarch's role in the future while maintaining long pageantry traditions.

Souvenir Coronation Medals for Street Parties and Schools Cheap Prices

We offer a fantastic range of low-cost souvenir coronation medals for School gift keepsakes for pupils and street party commemorative gifts. Ideal when you are buying a large quantity and cost is the principal driver. Our range includes;

Low Cost 50mm gold commemorative coronation souvenir medal

Low Cost 50mm gold commemorative coronation souvenir medals with a red, white, and blue ribbon attached.

Low Cost 50mm gold commemorative coronation souvenir medals in pouch

Low Cost 50mm gold souvenir medals in a commemorative box

Low Cost 70mm gold souvenir commemorative coronation medal

Low Cost 70mm gold commemorative souvenir coronation medals with a red, white, and blue ribbon attached.

Below are examples of other school medals, trophies, and awards we supply to schools.<.p>

We are a Specialist Supplier to Schools and Academies

1000s of schools and academies across the UK can benefit from our vast selection of awards, medals & prizes. With an online order system, you are able to choose your award or prize quickly with just a few clicks!

We supply big ranges for educational institutions such as nurseries/ preschools; Grammar / Comprehensive Schools; privately educated ones among others so take advantage today by using one simple payment method - Using an emailed purchase order as your confirmation of payment.

Simply submit your order online in the usual way and select the purchase order option at the checkout stage. After you have submitted your online order wait for our customer service team to review your order details and send you our acknowledgment by email. On receipt please forward your official purchase order as confirmation of payment terms.

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