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Medals Only With no Ribbon Attached

Medals with no ribbon attached are cheap and popular participant awards or mementos and are ideal for large events and competitions such as dancing, Irish dancing, cheerleading and carnival morris dancing. Where low cost is crucial the medal only option, is the cheapest medallion you can buy and are available in 50mm diameter in gold, silver and bronze plated finishes in a selection of designs.

These are available for any sport or activity by using our standard stock centre inserts available in over 250 designs. You are also able to buy customised medal only designs with your own event, club or association logo design. Even though these are budget award product we offer a further up to 50% OFF other trophy and medal supplier's prices.

Medals Without Ribbons Cheap Prices and Huge Discounts

Our medals without ribbons are available at the cheapest prices online, if you are looking for the lowest cost medal award possible the without ribbon option is the lowest cost award product available today.

Our up to 50% discount and huge price reductions are possible as we directly import 100,000's of medallions as well as our in-house, assembly, customisation processes enable us to cut out any middleman or wholesale costs. Our cost-cutting - business allows us to make huge savings and pass on big discounts and works something like this.

  • Continuous worldwide sourcing for the lowest prices
  • Imported Bulk Purchasing
  • On-Site Production, Customisation and Assembly
  • Direct Deliveries from our Cardiff Based Distribution Centre
  • Quick Delivery from our Huge Stocks and Excellent Customer Service

We offer The Largest and Most Extensive Range of Medals Online

Our extensive range of medals covers all qualities, sizes, budgets and preferences with a selection of over 30 ribbon colours to choose from. We are able to provide fully customised designs either cast to your design or using free custom centre inserts. We cover over 250 sport or activity designs which include:

Medals with Customised and Personalised Logos

We are able to fully customise your medals with free logo insert inserts in a quality dome or flat vinyl finishes. Ideal for creating low-cost personalised medallions with your event, tournament or festival logo. Just send us your artwork in any computer format and we will recreate your bespoke design within your medal design.

Plaques, Glass Trophies, Medals and Other Awards

Aside from our great ranges of medals we also supply vast collections of generic awards that are popular with events and award ceremonies. We offer huge ranges of trophy cups, plaques, glass trophies, medals, silver plate salvers and many more award products.

Available with Standard sport/activity or your own customised logo insert designs can be applied to many of these awards or engraved logos in some cases. Our popular Generic award ranges include: