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Cheap Imported Silver Plated Presentation Cups

These silver plated cups are a cheaper substitute to their English made counterparts, but they still have an impressive lustre quality appearance at 50% OFF. They're perfect for trophy awards and competitive events. To celebrate the champions of your big tournament, championship or league competition check out our range of sports trophies. Available in a selection of sizes to cover winners and runners-up you are bound to find an award that is perfect for any sporting victory celebration.

We are able to engrave this range of silverware direct to the main cup body event details as well as adding annual title holders to silver bands (included) fixed to the bakerlite plinths.

Cheap Silver Plated Cups With The Biggest Discounts Online

We offer the lowest-priced silver cup awards in the UK, with up to 50% discount which is unmatched by any of our competitors. We are able to offer such large discounts as we source the globe for low prices and directly import them from warehouses around world. This means all savings can be passed onto you - our customers!.

All of our price-busting offers are backed up with in house customisation, quick dispatch, big stocks and great customer service. You can rest assured that you're dealing directly with the company which gives you all these buying advantages!

Personalising, Engraving and Customising Your Trophy Cups

We make it possible to design and engrave customized text onto your cup award. We can also indelibly record year dates and winners' names on silver plated bands attached at the base of cups. Free Engraving and Free Delivery we can further than these gratis offers from other suppliers by discounting your order by Up To 50%. All we ask is you compare our final shopping basket prices or do the maths to find out which is the better deal.

We offer A Massive Selection of Trophies, Plaques Shields, Medals or Glass Awards?

In addition to catering for over 200 sports and activities, we can supply you from the biggest range of sporting and general awards available. Our selection includes recognition as well as achievement awards! Medals, plaques, shields and trophies are just a few of the various options available for you to choose from when it comes time to honour your recipients. There is an extensive collection that includes many different sizes/colours/materials so no matter what budget or preference there is we have something perfect for you!: