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Silver Plated Trophy Cups of The Highest Quality

Checkout our great collection quality silver plated trophy cups. We offer a comprehensive range of sizes, shapes and designs that can fully personalised using our full engraving service. If its quality and prestige looking for these are presentation cups for you.

Skilled craftsmen use traditional methods to create flawless silver plated mirror finish. Each piece is carefully manufactured in England to maintain its high quality and perfect appearance. You can engrave logos or text on the main cup bodies. You can also choose silver-plated bands for engraving recipients' names, cup lids, and wooden or bakelite plinths.

These top quality trophy cups are suitable for all award ceremonies for sporting champions, winners, runners up and general recognition and achievement presentations. With added bonus of a knockout up to 15% OFF trophy shop and other online suppliers' prices. Our extensive range of high-quality silver-plated cups include;

  • Memorial Cup Presentations
  • All Sporting Events, Competitions or Tournaments
  • League and Championship Champions and Winners
  • Team or Individual Presentations
  • Knockout Cup Tournaments
  • Golf, Polo, Tennis, Horse Events, Darts Pool, Polo and all Other Sporting Events

Silver Plated Cups Various Qualities and Styles

We have many silver-plated cups in different styles and designs from different countries and suppliers. They come in different price ranges and quality grades to fit all budgets and preferences. Our qualities, sizes, and values differ in many ways.

Here's a brief overview of the available types. Please consult our customer service team for more information.

  • Swatkins English Hallmarked Stirling Silver – Handmade by craftsmen from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper and are used for some of the most prestigious event awards in the world. The actual metal body is hand-chased and can be engraved with your own logo or text. These can also be supplied with optional cup lids, engravable bands and quality hardwood bases. (Please note that this range is made to order).
  • Swatkins English Silver– Superb quality handmade and engravable silver plated range of awards. Wide choice of designs, themes and sizes. Available with lid, engravable band, hardwood and plastic bases.

Cheap Silver Plated Trophy Cups with Discounts

Checkout the cheapest silver plated trophy cup prices anywhere on line today. We are a trophy manufacturer importer and UK wide distributor with huge buying power and an efficient business model. Our operations save money, so we give discounts and lower prices to our customers.

We hold big stocks and offer quick deliveries and good customer service.

Expert Engraving and Personalisation for Your Trophy Cup Awards

We can engrave corporate logos, names, competition history, and personalised text. We also offer specialised engraving services. Please discuss with our customer service team any questions regarding personalised engraving and custom designs.

A Massive Range of Trophies, Medals Plaques and Glass Awards

p>You are also able to buy from our massive range of sport-specific and generic trophy and medal awards. These include trophies, medals, plaques, silver salvers and glass awards and many more award products. Below are further links to some of our popular product ranges.

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