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School Attendance Trophies and Awards Custom Logo and Engraving

School attendance is an important part of school culture and learning our fantastic range of trophies and awards are ideal to encourage, develop and reward pupil achievements. Award ceremonies recognize individual effort in addition to celebrating success as a collective whole by rewarding students who don't miss class time during this year's academic calendar through more traditional types of recognition like excellence ribbons and certificates.

We offer all varieties of these items including plaques, cups, glass trophies, shields, bowls and much more; so whatever type of award ceremony you have planned be. We cover awards for improved, outstanding and perfect attendance with options of gold, silver and bronze finishes to suit. See our large range of school awards that covers all areas of primary and secondary education such as curriculum, sport, behaviour, sports day, star pupil, prize giving and many more recognition awards.

Cheap Attendance Trophies with the Biggest Discounts Online

We are the cheapest trophy supplier online or anywhere in the UK, with up to 50% off other suppliers prices. It's not surprising either as we offer a unique mix of importing, manufacturing and distributing trophies all across the UK and the globe. All products are assembled, engraved and customised in-house.

This cost-cutting business model makes huge savings which we pass on to you with amazing quantity discounts and unbeatable priced reductions that are unmatched by our competition.

Personalising Your Baking Trophies and Awards

Engraved and customized cat show trophies are a great way to remember your presentation, award ceremony and event. We offer a full engraving and customisation service where are able to add names, dates or custom school logos to our awards. We offer a variety of personalisation services including laser engraving, printing, glass engraving and etching please ask our customer services team for more information.

Free engraving as we offer up to 50% OFF our awards we charge a nominal fee for engraving unlike many of our competition who give no discount and offer gratis engraving. Please compare our basket costs and our amazing discounts and see how cheaper we are that other trophy websites.

See Our Huge Range of Educational and School Awards

We offer the most extensive range of trophies, medals and awards for primary and secondary school awards. These include our fantastic collection of educational centre inserts in over 60 designs or your own custom school or event logo. Our school insert centres include the following designs.

  • Artistic/Achievement/Anti-Bullying/Attendance
  • Development/Class Buddy/Citizenship
  • Development/Drama/Dance
  • Excellence/Eco/Effort
  • Good Behaviour
  • Kindness
  • Language/Learning
  • Maths/Music
  • Spiritual/Spelling/Star Pupil
  • Faith/Religious
  • Worker of the Week/Month/Year
  • Writing/Prose
  • International School Awards

These inserts can be applied to our vast ranges of 1000’s of generic awards such as medals plaques, shields, glass the permutations and combinations offers schools literally 1000’s educational awards that cover all areas of school activities and learning. Listed below are our ranges of specialist school award products.