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Presentation Cup Awards in Gold and Silver, Engraved

Large selection of engraved presentation cup awards for champions, winners, and top 3 places. Perfect for sporting events, competitions, and championships.

Gold and Silver Trophy cups are the most traditional and popular long-standing trophy products in our range. We offer over 500 cup styles in various qualities and sizes. Our cups range from inexpensive options for children to top-notch choices for professional athletes.

Our cups come in various sizes, from small to large, to meet different needs and preferences. They are suitable for any occasion, whether it's a presentation or an award ceremony, and can fit any budget.

You can buy in gold or silver plated finishes in varying material qualities and price levels with an amazing up to 50% OFF trophy shop and other online supplier's prices

Where are Our Trophy Cups Presented

  • Championships and Series Sporting Events
  • League Winners and Runners-Up
  • Memorial Presentation Cups
  • Knockout Cup Competitions
  • Motorsport
  • And much more

Cheap Presentation Cups With the Biggest Discounts

We offer a variety of cups for different purposes. We have affordable options for budget and children's awards. We also have mid-range cups for local leagues and competitions. Additionally, we offer high-quality prestigious cups for special events and competitions.

Our entire collection is subject to our online discounts offering you the lowest prices in the industry today.

Listed Below are the Main Types of Cups we Offer In Order of Quality.

Economy Large Championship Metal Cups

This is the final part of our big challenge cup series. We have used cheaper materials to make shiny cup awards and keep costs low. The main body does not have engraving capability, but we fix an engraved plate to the base.

Economy Large Metal Championship Cups, Full Details

Glass Presentation Cups and Trophy Bowl Awards

We have a wide range of beautiful glass bowl awards and trophy cups. They are mounted on wooden bases and can be engraved. Prices start at around. £25 to £250.

Traitional Glass Trophy Cups and Glass Bowl Awards, Full Details

Cast Heavy Nickel Plated Trophy Cups

High-quality nickel-plated cast cup awards in various sizes. These cups have a traditional design similar to English silver-plated ones, but without the expensive price tag. With a fully engravable main cup body or engraved plate fixed to the base.

Prices approx. £15 to £300 available in a large selection of sizes and styles.

Heavy Nickel Plated Cups Awards, Full Details

High Quality Silver Plated Presentation Cups

High-quality UK-made presentation cups in various styles, designs, and sizes, known for their lavish quality and stunning appearance. With fully engravable main bodies and optional engravable plinth bands. These are truly in the premier league when it comes to silverware trophies.

High Quality English Made Silver Plated Cup, Full Detailss

Gold Plated Cup Awards Prestigious Quality

Luxurious gold-plated trophy awards which may include hand chasing with skilled craftsmanship starting at £1000. Ideal for premier events and tournaments and undoubtedly top-flight quality in the trophy league table.

Sterling Silver and Hallmarked Presentation Cups

Expensive English Sterling Silver Cup awards with a prestigious reputation for quality. However, they come with a high price tag, starting at around. £2000 but renowned as the premier league champion of trophies.

A Full Range of Trophies, Plaques, Shields Medals Etc.

Buy from a complete online range of over 4000 trophies, medals, glass plaques, wood shields, and many more discounted awards at the UK's lowest prices. We can meet the needs of clubs, leagues, schools, and associations with large inventory, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. Our offerings include various options.

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