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Clearance Trophies, Awards & Medals Available with Huge Discounts & Savings

Looking for the ultimate deal in Clearance Trophies? Then we may be able to help! Trophy Finder is the largest online provider of Trophies, Medals and Awards in the UK selling from huge stocks based at our Cardiff, South Wales warehouse, production and despatch facilities. Our stock rotation system coupled with the introduction of new lines means that we regularly need to clear the warehouse to provide more space.

What does that mean to You?

Well, it means that although we have 1000’s of choices of available on our website; from time to time, we will need to consider how we will sell either over-stocked items or items which will be discontinued. Providing that the size of the order merits looking at how we can sell in reasonable quantities, we can then mark down the prices to provide even bigger savings using greatly reduced margins.

What type of Products does this include?

It really depends on what we have at any given time, but medals, chrome plated cups, tube and plaque designs tend to rotate through the years so they’re always a good shout for cut-price clearance trophy deals.

What size of Order do we need to Qualify for a Trophy Clearance Deal?

It doesn’t make sense to offer these kind of deals for small orders as the time taken to work out the mathematics, stock availability and subsequent administration would negate any advantage in offering a proposition. To be honest, there is no definitive size of order required as it depends on timing, availability and a reasonable demand which we can’t quantify in terms of numbers and budget; just a bit of common sense and a discussion with one of Sales Team would perhaps be the best way to move forward.

Need more Immediate Information?

Contact our Sales Team on 02920 814824 for expert help and advice on all things related to our range of clearance trophies, medals and awards, including club logo/crests, engraving, clearance lines and delivery deadlines. If you prefer to send an email – then feel free!

Alternatively, start making your selections and putting them in the cart to either place your order, or request a no-obligation emailed quotation based on your choices.

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