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Fishing Trophies - Up to 50% off Retail Prices!

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Coarse Fishing Trophies, Medals & Awards with up to 50%OFF Retail Shop Prices

If you’re looking to land the best possible deal on Coarse Angling & Sea Angling Fishing Trophies, Medals & Awards, then you’ve found the right spot! Trophy Finder offers incredible deals of up to 50%OFF retail shop prices which covers a huge array of options for both Sea and Coarse Angling recognition awards across a multitude of events and organisations under the umbrella of local and national piscatorial associations such as:

  • The Angling Trust
  • British Disabled Angling Association
  • Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling
  • Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers
  • The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland
  • Irish/Scottish/Welsh Federations of Sea Anglers
  • National Federation of Sea Anglers

Cheap Fishing Trophies – Are they really the Cheapest Online?

Simply put – Yes! We are unique in that Trophy Finder scours worldwide for the best quality trophies and awards which we buy in bulk quantities at the lowest prices possible which in turn enable us to sell directly to you at the UK’s lowest prices – cutting out the middle man entirely. From our extensive warehoused stocks in Cardiff, South Wales, we can quickly despatch from a huge range of coarse fishing and sea angling trophies, medals with ribbons, cup trophies, plaques, shields, glass awards, salvers, pewter tankards and perpetual awards.

We cover all forms, disciplines and types of fishing events which include:

  • Sea Fishing (Boat & Shore)
  • Coarse Fishing (Float, Fly, Spinning, Ledgering, Pole)
  • Match Angling (National, Regional, International)
  • Club Presentations Evenings
  • Fishing Festivals
  • Charity/Corporate Events

Do you Cover all Types of Fish & Fishing Award Categories?

Our trophies are fished for competitively in, the open seas, lakes, lochs, rivers and canals all over the British Isles and we cater for all types of fish species which can be found, for example:  

  • Coarse Fish (Bream, Barbel, Carp, Pike, Stickleback, Gudgeon, Chub, Dace, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Tench)
  • Game Fish (Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, Sea Trout, Grayling)
  • Sea Fish (Conger Eel, Mullet, Bass, Skate, Gurnard, Cod, Tope, Wrasse, Dab, Plaice, Pollack, Ray, Mackerel, Turbot, Dogfish, Bream)

No matter what the award or category, we’ll have it covered, from match day awards to end of season presentation evenings with typical awards being presented for:

  • Most Fish Caught
  • Biggest Catch    
  • Most Points
  • Specimen Awards
  • Total Weight
  • Wooden Spoon name but a few.

How can I Personalise my Coarse & Sea Fishing Medals & Trophies?

Considering the many categories and types of awards needed in the fishing world, the best way to deal with variable information would be to add engraving along with the choice of producing special centre inserts depicting your own logo, crest or event details.

Our Reputation in the World of Fishing

Thanks to our unbeatable prices, consistent quality and a service which guarantees you get your order when you need it; the legion of returning happy Trophy Finder customers continues to grow and grow as we consolidate our position as the UK’s No.1 online supplier of coarse and sea angling trophies and awards.

Require Immediate Information?

Please call our Sales Team on 02920 814824 for any questions related to the Trophy Finder range of Fishing Trophies, Medals and Awards which may include information concerning logo/crest personalisation, clearance lines, engraving or meeting your delivery deadlines.

If you’re ready to go, simply place your selections in the cart to either place an order or request a detailed no-obligation PDF quotation which will be emailed to you within one working hour.

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