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Swimming Trophies - Up to 50% OFF Retail!

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The Cheapest High Quality Swimming Trophies and Awards in the UK

Our range of swimming trophies are the best value available in the UK and can be delivered anywhere quickly. They are ideal for swimming galas, medleys and other competitions thanks to their bulk discounts and can be personalised with engraved details and your own club or event logo, as well as your choice of over 30 ribbon colours.

Our medals, trophies and awards can be used for front crawl, breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly aswell as other swimming based sports, disciplines and events such as lifesaving, open water swimming and water polo. We stock medals with a standard swimmer on as well as 1st to 8th positions but we can also personalise them with any image you like, allowing you to use your club or event logo amongst other designs.

Quote your swimming awards now with no need to pay yet and we will email you back a quote you won't be able to refuse. The UK's best and cheapest swimming trophies, medals and awards are right here!

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